Production system profile


By combining the latest and most advanced die technologies such as flow analysis and stress analysis we produce multicolored molded products of varied sizes.

Surface treatment process

With the film-forming technology that has accumulated over many years, we take comprehensive care in every stage of the cleaning, coating and deposition processes.

Assembly process

Our innovative production activities have cut out uneconomical works and processes and offer value-products of satisfactory quality.

Quality control

To ensure the high quality satisfaction to our customers, we conduct a full range of quality checks as specified by our quality manuals in compliance with international standards. These checks cover examination of luminous intensity distribution, heat resistance, water resistance, air tightness etc. Strict quality control is extended to all stage of production.

Product delivery

We have established a system to control the whole process from order receipt to product shipment. This system allow us to deliver the items and quantity of products on time as required by the client's production line.