Company profile

At Stanley Electric Hungary we maximize customer satisfaction by thorough mastery of creative production.

We ensure the highest quality by constant improvement, cost reduction, strict compliance to delivery schedules, and the reduction of lead time. We are constantly streamlining our manufacturing processes using the technological expertize that Stanley Group has accumulated from years of production innovations. We develop manufacturing systems that produce the right product in the right amount at just the right time.
  • Description of business: Production and distribution of automotive lighting parts and other electronic products.
  • Date of establishment: 2001. Augusztus 14.
  • Subscribed Capital: 5.300.000. EUR
  • Shareholding:
    • Stanley Electric Holding Europe Co. Ltd. 80 %
    • Hella-Stanley Holding Pty Ltd. 20 %
  • Company representative: KURIHARA MASATAKA
  • Lot area:100.000 m2
  • Employees:245 (as of June, 2017)

IMS philosophy

Stanley Electric Hungary Kft. is a member of the Stanley Group which is one of the biggest car lamp manufacturer company in the world. Stanley Electric Hungary has a unique role in the group’s international presence, as the only producing affiliate in Europe. The company has ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 Certification. The management is comitted to achieve the goals defined in the Integrated Policy. We intend to achieve our goals based on the principles of customer orientation, establishment and maitenance the long term partner connections, quality and environmental consciousness, environmental protectionist operation and the continuous improvement.